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The challenges

The MT-03 autogyro used in this circumnavigation record attempt, has an open cockpit, and is quite a different animal to either a fixed wing aircraft, or a helicopter.
The major issue for pilot Norman Surplus is safety. As a result he has carried out extensive research, and worked closely with the aircraft and technical support team to achieve optimum safety.
Long open stretches of water, most notibly the North Atlantic, offer the greatest logistical challenge.

TurtlePac tank


To meet this challenge, the aircraft uses an additional flexible fuel tank.  It has been especially designed by Turtle-Pac of Australia, to greatly extend the aircraft range. The normal range of the Gyro (approx 300 miles) can be extended to over 800 miles to allow for the longer distance “hops” linking Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the Hebrides and finally Scotland. 






In addition, the pilot commissioned the design and manufacture, by Ursuit of Finland, of a full immersion survival suit. It is made of a highly breathable 4TEX material which is bright red with reflective high visibility tape.  Unusually, the dry Zip extends fully around the waist, rather than over the shoulder which is more common. This allows the top half of the suit to be easily removed to keep cool whilst performing aircraft pre-flight checks on the ground.
Technical support, and en-route servicing is being undertaken by Rotorsport UK Ltd. They have adapted the German built basic airframe to comply with technically very strict UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirements.  



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