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The Route

Route planning has without doubt been the most complex part of the circumnavigation, with a complex web of customs, Route planning gearvisas and flight permissions to be completed for each country visited.  Norman Surplus was supported in these activities firstly by White Rose Aviation of the UK and more recently by General Aviation Support Egypt (G.A.S.E) The trip was originally expected to take approximately 115 days or four months, and cover over 27,000 miles / 43,000 kilometers with stop offs in 26 countries

However events "that were out of our control" (as they say) occured as the journey unfolded which meant that Russia, the 19th Country, had to be bypassed...and the total journey will now take five years....three years of which saw the aircraft stuck fast in Japan (due to the complete non-engagement of the Russian Federal Securty Service...)

The full route is outlines below..



Northern Ireland, SW Scotland, England, France, Italy, Greece, across the Mediterranean sea. 

Middle east  

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, across the gulf of Oman.  

Route mapAsian sub-continent 

Pakistan, India, across the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. 

Far East

Mayanmar, Thailand,  W.Malaysia across the south China sea, E.Malaysia, across the Sulu sea, Philippines, SW Pacific Ocean, Japanese pacific islands and mainland. 

Russia & North America  

Russia (was bypassed due to non cooperation), aircraft surface shipped to West Coast USA, Canada

North Atlantic & home  

Greenland, Iceland, Faeroes, Outer Hebrides, NW Scotland, Northern Ireland. 


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