Welcome to Gyrox Goes Global - an Official FAI Record attempt to fly an Autogyro around the world.

header photo :- A happy engine is a happy pilot....waiting out the long snowy winter(s) in Japan....

Welcome to the central point for information about the G-YROX autogyro circumnavigation of the globe.  Piloted by Norman Surplus,  the autogyro, now affectionately known by the nickname, 'Roxy', will cross 26 countries, flying over 27,000 miles / 43,000 kilometers, crossing deserts, jungles, mountains and oceans.  Not only will the flight be an official FIA World Record attempt to be the first Autogyro to cicumnavigate the globe but Norman will also be using the flight to bring awarness of Bowel Cancer to a worldwide audience.
The long wait continues....

As many regular followers will be aware, Norman and "Roxy" are still delayed en route, having been held up in Japan (the 18th country) since July 2011. We are all still waiting patiently for the Russian Federation to allow this officially sanctioned FAI World Record attempt to continue, so that the flight can finally reach across to Alaska and beyond. It is a circumnavigation flight that ideally should have taken 4 months to complete and yet now it's taking 4 years... In the main, that lengthy delay can be focused onto the actions of one particular Government Authority, whose officials have thus far apparently shown a constant reluctance to engage and identify with the international spirit of basic human endeavour that this sort of World Record flight embraces. It is a spirit that has been both celebrated and demonstrated in abundance by the aviation communities in all of the other en route countries so far.

It all seems a world away from the abundance of international cooperation currently being encouraged and demonstrated for the world's media at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.... 


As Norman has often said "this ongoing red tape of officialdom makes the actual flying of the aircraft feel like the most easy aspect of this journey..." And that is quite something to say when you consider the aircraft is "open cockpit", only 5 metres long and has no Autopilot or Co-Pilot to assist with the workload....


any new updates shall of course be posted on our ever popular blog


Norman Appears On Al Jazeera!

Norman and Roxy


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Norman Surplus Describes the Upcoming GYROX Adventure, back in March 2010.


The Time Where Norman is Now...Japan
You can follow Gyrox autogyro across the world through the use of innovative SPOT technology which intergrates with google maps to give location of Norman.
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